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In The Shadow of The Bridge

verrazono bridge

This is where I live now – in the shadow of Verrazano’s 679 foot tall pylons.  It’s a great bridge, and a great beacon to my home, clearly visible from even Midtown Manhattan if you look for it from a tall enough building.  At 4,260 feet in length, it is the longest suspension bridge in America, and it’s double decker roadways clear the water by an average of 228 feet (this height varies by 12 feet between summer and winter).

It connects my neighborhood, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn to Staten Island, and unfortunately it can’t be crossed by foot or bike except during the New York Marathon when you can run along the top or bottom deck from Staten Island to Brooklyn, or during the 5 Boro Bike Tour which allows bicycles to go from Brooklyn to Staten Island on the lower deck.

I can see it from my house, and it’s always an impressive sight against the different skies of night and day.  The fact that it forms a sort of pyramid from the view I have gives it a timeless character beyond it’s inherently powerful minimalist form.

There is a pathway that runs along the Brooklyn Shore for two miles in either direction from the Bridge.  Last summer I was walking along the path when a storm began rushing in and I caught this striking view.

If you must build something big, build something really big.  Once you hit a scale like this, something transformational begins to happen, and the object gains a presence, and even perhaps a conscious that is unlike other man made structures.  It becomes iconic, transcendent, and no longer waits for lightening but calls it forth.

I respect accomplishments of this scale, and I’m happy to live so near to this beautiful bridge.

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